Stitching Machine Development

SMD, The specialist in stitching machines for over 40 years

SMD, Stitching Machine Development, designs, manufactures, installs, and monitors its machines for the manufacture of light wood trays and the stitching of corrugated cardboard.

SMD’s aim is to offer you increasingly innovative machines from its range, with options tailored to your needs.

The aim is to help you save time and money and meet the needs of a market with increasingly demanding ecological standards.

Through its investment in Research and Development, SMD is constantly upgrading its machines to meet your needs and improve processes.

Thanks to our experience in the corrugated board stitching market, we can offer you the opportunity to modernise your production equipment with complete retrofits: mechanical, electrical and automation.


SMD brings an innovative vision to the world of stitching
by providing ergonomic and reliable solutions.

Jean-Claude Montassier

SMD's expertise in stitching machines

With over 40 years’ experience in industrial machinery, Jean-Claude Montassier is now Managing Director of SMD, having previously been CEO of SODEME, then Technical Sales Director of Gazella Atlantique, part of the Italian Corali group.

His background as a mechanical design engineer and his passion for innovation and new technical solutions are what Jean-Claude Montassier is today: an ideal partner for your project.

This is also the background to SMD’s development of the B120 wooden tray maker for creating lightweight wooden trays. In response to the need to minimise ecological impact, lightweight, biodegradable wood packaging reduces the production of plastic packaging and offers healthy packaging for the end consumer.

The stages in designing your special machine with SMD

By entrusting your project to SMD’s teams, you can be sure of receiving a solution for your production needs.

We discuss your requirements, study the feasibility of your project, and once the proposal has been accepted, we launch production of your machine.

Once your machine has been manufactured and tested, we take care of transporting it to your site of production, installing it and training your teams.

We also take care of after-sales service, either remotely or on site, depending on the problem encountered..

Packaging machines offered by SMD

B120.v2 Wooden Tray Packer

Discover the Wooden Tray Packer: a thermoforming innovation for the market

Mase 1500 Carton stitcher

Discover the most efficient corrugated stapler on the market.

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